Where Do You PowerHike in Seattle?


PowerHiking - Seattle


PowerHiking is walking with an agenda that excites not only your senses but also your spirit. It takes walking to a new level of energy and interest and allows you to see and to do as much as possible. Your days are full of exhilarating experiences and exercise. PowerHiking permits you to see more of the unexpected – a spectacular view, a hidden staircase, a lakeside pathway, a magnificent old tree. In Seattle, PowerHiking takes on a whole new meaning. The stunning views of Puget Sound, snow covered Mount Rainier, the Olympic Mountains, Lake Washington, Lake Union, and the dazzling blue Elliott Bay are all there to be discovered. The city embodies the settlement of the northwest, from the original indigenous settlers, the fishermen, the gold rush fortune seekers, and the lumber barons. All – along with the more recent influence of technological and air industry entrepreneurs — helped to create the Seattle we see today.


Although we spend very full days PowerHiking the richness that is Seattle, the walks can be divided into less strenuous excursions, with more time devoted to the pleasures of parks, lakesides, outdoor cafés, and ferry boat rides. You may choose to spend only a few hours exploring the city or follow the longer routes that take you through the many varying neighborhoods. The city is truly a feast to enjoy, as you prefer. You are in charge of your experience, and walking from one destination to the next is the key! Wear your PowerHiking shoes, take a bottle of water, a camera, and this book, and head out on your Seattle PowerHike!